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Pete x William - Eternal Damnation

New RPG - Liahoma Academy

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A little community for Pete Wentz/William beckett slashy things. Fanfics, graphics, and pics are all welcome!

New RPG - Liahoma Academy

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Liahoma Academy

For troubled boys between the ages of 12-17.

Right then, I'm pretty sure character entries are closing soon for this but there's only one character from FOB and none from P!ATD. We need more!

In this RPG, each writer has a character that they play/own, and the writers take it in turns to write chapters. In your chapter you can post practically anything that follows a related plot. There can be new characters, events, anything without permisson from the others.

Two chapters have already been written so if you want to join you need to fill out the form linked to HERE and post it there too.

Or if you just want to read, click HERE
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