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Pete x William - Eternal Damnation


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A little community for Pete Wentz/William beckett slashy things. Fanfics, graphics, and pics are all welcome!


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<b>Title:</b> Bones
<b>Author:</b> Not me, but someone I know who doesn't have a lj account.  Let's call her....Evelyn
<b>Rating:</b> PG-13 for the F-word
<b>Summary:</b>   Pete loses his dog, and finds something else in the process. 
<b>Notes:</b> Ok, this idea came from a late night conversation.  Uh, includes extensive un-knowledge about the pairing and dumbasheck!beckett.  Don't worry, it's purely for humor's sake.
<b>Disclaimer:</b> We don't own shit.

<lj-cut text="This way to the crack! (it's at fanfiction.net)">http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3733881/1/Bones</lj-cut>
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