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Pete x William - Eternal Damnation

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A little community for Pete Wentz/William beckett slashy things. Fanfics, graphics, and pics are all welcome!

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under the bright lights [tom; empires]
Okay. I don't want this community to die. We've got so many members, but no one posting! That's where the problem is.

So, I know that William/Pete is a rather rare pairing, but if you know anyone who has written, or writes this pairing, convince them to post that fic here. I'm pretty sure most of us are dying for stuff to read. Or, write some stuff of your own!

I revamped the rules and the memories to make things a bit easier to find, so make sure to check up on those.

♥ Chibi
  • hi!

    im one of the mods at rarebandom. we're a community for rare bandom pairings :D

    i was wondering if we could be affiliated with your beckettxwentz community? we're setting up a list and we're running a christmas exchange at the moment too, it'd be cool if you could announce it and encourage people to join it at your comm :D

    if you're interested or have any questions reply to rarebandom [at] hotmail [dot] com and we'll add you to our profile page :)

    (sorry i had to post this here but i couldnt find a contact email :S)
    • yeah, of course! this community is pretty dead, as you could probably see, but go right ahead. maybe this will remind people that we're still around, haha.
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