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Pete x William - Eternal Damnation

I created a "Sixteen Candles prequel" role play a while back…

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A little community for Pete Wentz/William beckett slashy things. Fanfics, graphics, and pics are all welcome!

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I created a "Sixteen Candles prequel" role play a while back that's still pretty active, but we're lacking one very important character. William Beckett. Right now the person who is playing him is awesome, but due to homework she is unable to role play as much as we need her to :(

So, we're looking for someone else to fill her shoes.

Two pairings already exist in this rp: William/Pete; Gabe/William. While it's not important that you continue these pairings, especially since William's personality will change once he's bitten, I play both Pete and Gabe and would love it if you at least continue one of these pairings.

Other characters are available for the taking, too, if you don't want to play William. For the next month, we are letting in non-band-related characters (I.E. any other medium including TV shows, movies, and anime) as well. If you think you would like to participate, please visit http://damned-rp.greatestjournal.com/profile and look at the list of taken characters. Read the rules and then apply for the character of your choice in the appropriate thread.

Hope we see you there!
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