<b>Title:</b> Bones
<b>Author:</b> Not me, but someone I know who doesn't have a lj account.  Let's call her....Evelyn
<b>Rating:</b> PG-13 for the F-word
<b>Summary:</b>   Pete loses his dog, and finds something else in the process. 
<b>Notes:</b> Ok, this idea came from a late night conversation.  Uh, includes extensive un-knowledge about the pairing and dumbasheck!beckett.  Don't worry, it's purely for humor's sake.
<b>Disclaimer:</b> We don't own shit.

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Title: The solution to all your problems.
Author: mondayeyesx
Pairing: Will/Pete [The Academy Is.../Fall Out Boy]
Rating: R
Disclaimer: So far as I'm aware this never took place, until I see video footage I'm going to stick to that.
Summary: Pete encounters writers block.
Dedication: For my Lesley, because she gets me through most days and I promised her this months ago.

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New RPG - Liahoma Academy


Liahoma Academy

For troubled boys between the ages of 12-17.

Right then, I'm pretty sure character entries are closing soon for this but there's only one character from FOB and none from P!ATD. We need more!

In this RPG, each writer has a character that they play/own, and the writers take it in turns to write chapters. In your chapter you can post practically anything that follows a related plot. There can be new characters, events, anything without permisson from the others.

Two chapters have already been written so if you want to join you need to fill out the form linked to HERE and post it there too.

Or if you just want to read, click HERE
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Assorted Flavors

Title: Assorted Flavors
Author: therentmatrix and lucentvictrola
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Beckett/Pete
POV: All different ones
Summary: A series of drabbles written very late at night.
Disclaimer: We don’t own it! At least, I don’t think we do...
Author’s Notes: lucentvictrola: Whee. It’s 4 am and Katy’s birthday and I’m sleeping over and we are writing. And were earlier watching the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Fall Out Boy was on! And Pete was all non-smiley and Patrick was all adorabe. Awwwwww x3 We’re eating Cap’n Crunch. Yay.
Therentmatrix: indeed. Erm... She pretty much covered it. Pete was all “I’m not gonna smile ‘cause I’m emo.” But then he did smile a tiny bit at the end... Heh. And Patrick was just like, *happy smiley squee* I fell up the stairs earlier while I was carrying ice cream bowls, and in order to not drop them I had to sacrifice my toes. ;3; right into the stairs! PAIN. Okay, done rambling now. ((Oh, and I’m 16 now! 16 candles on my cake. *laugh*)) Oh, and Miranda writes the first one, I write the second, and it alternates. ♥

Oh, and we're now watching Stephen's Untitled Rock Show with Panic! at the Disco! They played the video for "The Phrase That Pays" earlier, and some Green Day and Jack's Mannequin, so it was like a birthday present! ^^ Now, on to the stories!

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Title: Swim. (1/?)
Author: biting_remarks
Rating: PG for now.
Pairing: William Beckett / Pete Wentz
Summary: Sometimes in life, there are special days where a human being can detect the fact that something was going to happen. Not necessarily if it was good or bad, just the presence of an occurrence in the future.
Disclaimer: Totally not real, yo.
Author Notes: Yeah. Wrote this on an unusual whim after watching 'The Little Mermaid'. If you guys are interested, I'll continue posting! Keep in mind that it is very, very A/U.

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Mod Post.

Okay. I don't want this community to die. We've got so many members, but no one posting! That's where the problem is.

So, I know that William/Pete is a rather rare pairing, but if you know anyone who has written, or writes this pairing, convince them to post that fic here. I'm pretty sure most of us are dying for stuff to read. Or, write some stuff of your own!

I revamped the rules and the memories to make things a bit easier to find, so make sure to check up on those.

♥ Chibi
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