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Title: Swim. (1/?)
Author: biting_remarks
Rating: PG for now.
Pairing: William Beckett / Pete Wentz
Summary: Sometimes in life, there are special days where a human being can detect the fact that something was going to happen. Not necessarily if it was good or bad, just the presence of an occurrence in the future.
Disclaimer: Totally not real, yo.
Author Notes: Yeah. Wrote this on an unusual whim after watching 'The Little Mermaid'. If you guys are interested, I'll continue posting! Keep in mind that it is very, very A/U.

Sometimes in life, there are special days where a human being can detect the fact that something was going to happen. Not necessarily if it was good or bad, just the presence of an occurrence in the future.

This was one of those days for William Beckett. It was even a known fact that when these sorts of days came along, his toes would always curl in anticipation. So when he awoke with a downward flex of the appendages on his feet, he was certainly excited.

So without any further thought, William jumped up with a smile, intending on reaping the day's benefits.

Or consequences for that matter.

He showered quickly and brushed his teeth. Then, after donning slim jeans and a white button up shirt, he grabbed a blue-black bandana and made his way into his small apartment kitchen.

"Where shall I go today?" he said quietly to himself, taking a bite out of an apple he found in the fridge. He twirled his bandana around his finger, musing. "Perhaps downtown?" He brought his long left leg up onto the counter opposite him. "No… 'm not really in the mood for big crowds today." He proceeded to tie the bandana tightly around his knee.

A soft mew came from his right foot. William looked down, startled by the interruption. But his eyes softened immediately as they rested on his kitten.

"Oh, Ellie." He bent down and picked her up. She started to purr quietly as she got comfortable in her owner's arms.

Throwing aside the notion that talking to your animal is most definitely a sign of insanity, he began to speak again.

"Ellie, where should I go today?" Ellie mewed again, her hazel eyes widening. William pursed his lips in thought. After a few more minutes of thinking, it came to him. He jumped up in a flourish. Ellie squeaked in fear of the sudden movement and jumped out of William's arms and into the next room.

"I can go to the lake." He surmised, slipping his feet into his English leather boots and exiting his apartment.



William breathed deeply in the sweet clean air of Oregon. The minute he had heard that apartments were up for rent by the dozens from a friend, he had packed his bags and gotten on the next flight here. And he was glad he did. It was so serene; exactly what he had been looking for.

After settling into a place he had picked out in the quieter part of Eugene, he decided that the first thing to do in a new place was explore.

And that he did. With nothing more than the clothes on his back and a few dollars in his pocket, he set off to see what he could come across.

But after an hour or so drifting about the shops, he came to the conclusion that sticking to town attractions wasn't the most exciting thing.

So with a quick scan of the roads, he picked one that led up to a more rural area of town.


'This was a good idea,' William thought detachedly as he made his way through a particularly tough thicket of trees.

The forests were beautiful. Full of greens and yellows and oranges and many other colors you wouldn't even expect to find. Wildlife was in abundance, proved by the constant titter and squeak of birds and squirrels.

The path that William chose was rough but defined. Leaves of all kinds crunched beneath his feet, and a crisp breeze tussled his wavy brown locks.

After a few more minutes of traipsing, however, a peculiar sound caught William's ear. Like, babbling water. Every few seconds, a small 'burble' was heard.

William was curious.

Tuning his hearing to determine where the sound was coming from, he quickly decided that it was coming from a northwest direction. Placing his hand on a short knobby tree to his left, he set off.


The forest was getting thicker every step William seemed to take. The trees were close and almost knotted together, their low-slung branches creating barriers in William's path.

He swore he heard a faint whispering coming from one of them.
Just when he was starting to become a bit wary of his surroundings, the watery sound he heard before returned. Except this time, it was much, much closer than before. It sounded as if he were only a few feet away. William hurried up his pace in excitement.

He eventually came to an opening in the trees, signified by two overgrown bushes curled around each other at the tips to create some sort of rustic threshold.

'Curiouser and curiouser,' William thought with a faint smile. Without further ado, he made his way through the bushes.

He gasped in pleasant shock.

There before him was a grandiose lake. The water shimmered in the sunlight peeking through the canopy high above. The grass was an unnatural shade of green, and grew long and thick around the water's edge. Speckled rocks smoothed from erosion over time framed the grass at the bank, with a few cattails sticking out boldly.

William slowly walked up closer to the water, almost afraid to disrupt anything. He noticed a large boulder sitting on his left by the side of the lake, big enough to fit three or four people at once. It was right in the direct line of sunlight.

He smiled.

-end of flashback-

As his boots pushed their way through the pileup of leaves, William couldn't help but feel a bit nostalgic. He had, after all, only gone to this secret lake two times before.

And with a turn at the hunched tree and a twist around the shrubbery, he found himself once again at the archway. A small grin graced his lips.

But when he walked through this time, he found himself gaping in shock for a whole different reason.

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